Best Paintball Mask Reviews and Buying Guide

When participating in paintball, the most essential of all the gear will be the mask in the game. Because every player differs and has got a distinct style of playing and various choice of equipment, it’s tough to determine the proper one. So it is very hard to select one of the most effective Paintball Mask as you will find a lot of different mask in the market and some are dedicated to a certain brand or maybe a particular kind of mask which makes it difficult to go over the issue. But there are lots of features on the foundation of which you are able to differentiate masks and make use of it according to the level of yours of comfort. All things considered, you need to feel at ease while playing the game if you’ve the greatest features in the mask of yours.

Paintball Masks generally have 2 kinds of features- low profile or Low visibility and High profile or high visibility. The choice of yours of mask should rely on the level of the comfort of yours and the game you attend. In case you’re alright with a low profile of the mask, then you definitely must choose it, as it’s great for both experts and beginners, but in case you would like to choose an impressive profile of the mask, then it’s the choice of yours and also depends upon what game you’re enjoying.

What it really means is that a low profile of the mask is going to expose much less section of the face of yours, making the visibility area scaled-down for an focused goal and also a greater profile of the mask will present additional section of your face, creating your perspective towards the sides far more clearly and provides you with an extensive perspective through it.

Though it’s ideal for you to cover much more section of the face of yours and a smaller vision helps in easier and much more focused targeting. In paintball Games, there are games that are many as speed-ball, attack/defend, scenario game-play, woods-ball, jail tag and several more variations. But apart from speed ball, you are able to use some type of masks for all of the other games. As the title indicates, speed ball is an energetic game and also you have to take sight of the goal so choosing a low visibility mask helps in much better game play.

Best Paintball Mask

Things you have to know before buying the perfect paintball mask

There are really three major factors that you need to pay attention to when searching for the best paintball mask for the needs of yours. The versions we’ve suggested above were extensively tried to make sure they determine all of the boxes with regards to Comfort, a good lens with a broad area of vision, and Maximizing the benefits for each dollar invested.

Comfort: Working with a mask which fits nicely and sits conveniently on your face without moving is important. A complete day of paintball is able to mean working hours on the field and also you certainly don’t wish to need to be continually adjusting the mask of yours. Choosing a paintball mask having a easily adjustable strap process, and gentle foam padding will truly help you in this regard. Many cheap mask devices are designed with lower quality foam pads which could be itchy and rough, which rapidly gets incredibly irritating. Whether you choose a little style which spreads over the eyes and facial skin, or choose a complete on paintball helmet, it’s to be comfortable to use for lengthy time periods and must supply a good degree of airiness to keep you cool.

The Lens/Visor: This’s the next vital component to the well designed mask along with optional visor. The wider the field of vision, the greater it is. Keeping as much of the peripheral vision of yours as possible could truly help set up the game of yours, particularly when playing the game that is in some limited space, or perhaps clearing structures.

The additional critical point here that’s choosing an alternative that come with a thermal anti-fog glass. What this means is that the body temperature of yours heats up and you begin to sweat and breathe a lot, then the vision of yours will continue to be very clear and you will not need to attempt to clean the lens mid game, possibly compromising the safety of yours. High quality lenses are viewed with a unique covering which repels water and additionally adjusts to temperature fluctuations. Many of the versions we suggest above have ant-fog function that is equipped in original masks. Pls believe our review and you simply have found an irritating, anti fog mask to make you enjoy playing the games.

Among the coolest things about expensive models is the capability to swap out the lens of yours for a far more custom paintball mask in case you want to add a splash of color, or perhaps adjust to the weather condition. Much love ski/snowboard goggles, there’s lenses specifically created for cloudy or even extra sunny days. The DYE I4 and Virtue VIO masks enjoy an enormous number of lenses that are available plus you are able to include a visor which breaks on to help stay away from sunlight in the eyes and tree limbs from scratching the lens of yours.

value: Although in general good quality masks are able to take a lot more of a beating than poor flimsy ones, We’d suggest considering your paintball mask being an investment, not just for potentially saving the vision of yours. Rental masks must be continually replaced because of the large amount of abuse and use that they get every day. Investing a bit more for a mask you love and can deal with this mask that can last you far longer. Having the choice to modify or maybe change up your appearance also signifies you are able to invest a portion of the cost of a brand new mask for yourself few badass lenses or even an innovative range of straps to shake things up or perhaps replace a damaged component. With most paintball gear it usually boils down to you get everything you buy. Strive for functionality and comfort and also you are going to have an excellent day on the area! Mostly, this particular item of gear is as important as the paintball guns the players select to buy.

MaskAnti-fogPriceComfortableCheck Price Online
MaskAnti-fogPriceComfortableCheck Price Online
ALEKO PBFCDLM07OLYes$GoodCheck Price Online
HK ArmyNo$$$MediumCheck Price Online
JT Sports EliteNo$$MediumCheck Price Online
Proto Switch FSYes$$MediumCheck Price Online
Sly Profit LEYes$$GoodCheck Price Online
V-Force GrillYes$$$GoodCheck Price Online
Empire PaintballYes$$GoodCheck Price Online
JT Spectra Flex 8Yes$$GoodCheck Price Online
JT SpectraNo$$GoodCheck Price Online
Virtue VIO AscendYes$$GoodCheck Price Online

Top 6 Best Paintball Masks

#1 Dye Precision I4 Thermal Paintball Goggle

Dye Precision I4 Thermal Paintball Goggle

Dye Precision I4 Thermal Paintball Goggle shares a similar look on the Empire Event, with a simple lens removal process which enables you to rapidly change the lens. The real difference with this fascinating type however, will be the substantial visor, which offers an enormous area of view, with an unique coating which works wonders in always keeping it fog free as well as your perception sharp. Although for the very best bang for the buck of yours, the I4 is less expensive and as great, the DYE I5 was just recently launched.

You will find a load of cool colors & styles available and each are thermal anti fog lenses, with the choice to buy additional lenses easily and separately swap out. This’s a great ventilated mask which allows the voice of yours to carry over the area and also keeps you cool. The overall build comfort and quality for this mask is excellent. The interchangeable lenses ensure it is another good choice for individuals that like custom paintball masks.

Players would like one of the greatest anti fog lenses in the mask market, searching to purchase the gear of theirs and also have a multitude of customization options.

#2 V-Force Grill Paintball Mask

V-Force Grill Paintball Mask

V-Force Grill Paintball Mask is a leading edge mask with a winter anti fog lens that is leading the market today. The lens on the mask is free from any disctortion. The lens is spherical and sleek with a rather low profile which aids in aggressive game-play. Peripheral/tangential vision is delivered by the uv-protective lens.

For ambitious gamplay, the mask has in addition maintained a difficult look for greater target aiming due to getting an extremely small profile of the one. Being a Pro grill mask, it offers max bounce because of the existence associated with a soft rubber area that can increase the bouncing. For simple comfort and movement, the mask has went on to keep light weight. Its lightweight causes it to be incredibly comfortable.

The mask comes in colors that are different. The camouflage ones are preferred among most buyers. They’re very simple to clean. Every aspect of the mask can be replaced without a trouble. The visor on the mask does the job of its good by having the sunlight separate from the eyes of yours, and withstanding the dangerous rays. because of anti fog function, the great component would be that actually in rainy day.

The intimidating element of the mask is its appearance. The aggressive style of the mask helps make it distinct from the additional masks. You will find many different brands that make perfect designs of masks but overlook the casual factor. In case the mask looks great but does not allow you to feel at ease after that it’s not a good deal since it’ll constantly impact the gameplay. This point was conquered by V-Force Grill Paintball Mask as this offers greatest models with the largest comfort level.

You will discover not many masks around who offer to change the foam and this’s at least one. You are able to quickly replace the foam on the mask. The lens can additionally be changed quickly and you are able to also clean the lens with no trouble.

#3 Virtue VIO Extend Thermal Paintball Mask

Virtue VIO Extend Thermal Paintball Mask

Virtue really knocked it out from the park with their model that is Extended by VIO. An amazing mirrored lens has an incredibly big area of vision and this’s among the most comfortable and good quality masks we tested during our paintball masks on my website. The sole drawback is the top quality design that would mean high price. Nevertheless, you get everything you pay for which definitely is true in this particular situation.

The Virtue VIO Extend Thermal Paintball Mask can be obtained in a big variety of styles to complement the gear of yours and ideal look, and the inner foam is comfy as well as incredibly good quality. There was no fogging issues with this particular mask during the tests of ours. One of the more lightweight and fashionable designs out there right now and essentially the most popular options among pro level players because of the large lens.

Perfect for: Advanced players that would like the very best gear that money is able to buy. Higher end but incredibly durable and well built. Think about it an extended investment.

#4 Empire E-Flex Paintball Goggle System

Virtue VIO Extend Thermal Paintball Mask

It is very nice that Empire offer another best paintball Mask. The E Flex is a light mask with a gentle face protection which is equipped with a function to aerate with a reduced profile, and that helps make it fantastic for aiming down iron sights or even optics. It includes exactly the same amazing fast lens swapping process as the Empire Event mask and also is accompanied by a anti fog lens that is also anti heat and dual layer thermal, like all of the suggestions on this list. You will find a load of special styles out there like the skull mask shown here.

The foam supports are comfortable and thick, and come with ear protection function that is good. Though it is high price, it’s certainly worth it. Several of our staff tried this in the high temperature and experienced anti flog function and strong ventilation to stay away from overheating. A great option all-round and quite possibly the very best paintball mask because of its budget range.

Perfect for: Players with a greater budget that wish to locate a fascinating custom design which will stick out from the group, comfortable choice, a high quality.

#5 Empire Paintball Mask Lens

Empire Paintball Mask Lens

Although this Empire Paintball Mask Lens is actually reasonably priced along with an excellent piece of paintball gear, empire is known for that is top quality gear. Durable and nice, this particular Empire mask features a rapid release lens for cleaning that is easy. The lens is dual thermal treated which is good for a very good anti fog paintball mask.

Rental masks can certainly fog like crazy when you begin to run around and also massage a sweat. But it isn’t for the Empire Paintball Mask Lens. Additionally, it includes soft silicone ear protection which is readily removable should you pick. The strap is made of silicone so that will help it remain firmly and tight in place. The low profile design looks good and it is so easy to find out why this’s a fan favorite which will not break the bank account. Readily available in an assortment of color choices.

Players are searching for a top quality mask with a price level that is worth every penny. A durable Empire mask at a seriously inexpensive price makes this a very good option for beginners to premium players.

#6 JT Spectra Flex Thermal Paintball Goggles

JT Spectra Flex Thermal Paintball Goggles

JT Spectra Flex Thermal Paintball Mask is yet another best choice for those interested to gear up for serious about the sport. Complete top protection is offered by it and also has a fantastic range of thermal anti fog goggles. About the visor of JT Spectra Flex paintball mask, it has a 260° field of vision and that is far better than many simple rental masks.

The two level venting system can help make you ventilate and keep the mouth of yours breath. The Spectra is terrific for woodsball players who would like complete head protection when operating through the forests and the camo model looks amazing. This’s a lot more like a total paintball helmet!. The visor is removable and additionally the spectra is among the most relaxed on the marketplace. The JT Spectra is 1 of the personal favorites of ours.

It is suitable for Players who would like need head protection, some players that spend a large amount of time going through the forest, and people searching for a great value to performance ratio.


After knowing about the various purposes of masks, I believe it is very easy to choose one of the Best Paintball Masks on the market. The very first thing you’ve to do before moving into the field is attempting a mask on. Trying on a mask is going to make you much more clear about its functions. In case you’ve no clue about the way the mask works before the game, then it could be an issue. Additionally, know about what paintball games will simply playing because there are plenty of variants of the games in the world. This can provide you with some information that can make you decide whether or not to purchase a low profile mask or maybe an impressive profile mask. And never forget the very important things like comfort, flexibility, lens clarity and ventilation. In case you’re uncomfortable in the mask plus cannot breathe correctly, consequently there’s absolutely no reason for you using it. You will only damage yourself while playing in case your mask isn’t letting you concentrate on the game. The masks mentioned above would be the Best Paintball Masks which are available within the marketplace. So, help make the decision of yours of purchasing the best paintball masks which you believe is probably the most comfortable and also suits the individuality.