Empire E-flex Paintball Goggle System Review

Empire E-flex Paintball Goggle System overview

Empire E-flex Paintball Goggle System Review

The standard lens in E-flex may not have scratch or UV protection but empire E-flex paintball mask is having premium quality dual pane thermal lens. It is having zero distortion so that it can provide unbridled optical clarity. It comes with the clear lenses so that you can easily play paintball game. If you love to play paintball game then you are advisable to choose this paintball mask because it is designed with the premium quality of materials. E-flex is the upgrade both JT proflex and E-vent. Because of its functions, you can comfortably and easily use this paintball mask.

Empire E-flex Paintball Goggle System features

Empire E-flex paintball mask is the best choice to both experienced and starter paintball players. This kind of the goggle system is providing huge spectrum of the quality feature such as

  • Vent system for the rapid lens exchange- E-flex is providing easy assembling while changing the lens. Micro venting is also increasing airflow which expands player capability to breathe well.
  • Thermal anti go clear lens along with the zero optical distortion- The empire e-flex paintball mask is fitted with the dual pane thermal lens which is most important for the all kinds of environments.
  • Flexible and ultra soft face skirt- This kind of the mask is fitted with the soft spectra foam which can provide amazing comfort and improves excellent peripheral vision.

Flexible face skirt is creating bounces which might ensure amazing voice projection during communication with your teammates. Apart from that skirting is providing maximum capability to breathe so that you can easily win the game.


Now a day most of the paintball players are willing to use empire e-flex paintball mask because it is providing huge numbers of benefits such as

  • This mask is providing users with the excellent ability to breathe
  • Lightweight
  • Durable and comfortable to wear
  • It is providing capability for exchanging lens instantly
  • Mask doesn’t fog

This mask is the best choice during the day long game scenario and foam ensures the ample comfort. It is having hypo allergenic comfortable pro flex face foam so that it is suitable to all players. Amazing reasons are involved in the empire e-flex paintball mask such as anti fog, uv protection, peripheral vision, field of vision and comfort level. The flexible skirt at bottom is soft so that it can provide maximum bounce.


  • Foam across nose might seem little excessive and it might require trimming
  • Nose protector might be too excessive for your liking especially when you are having low profile from your mask.


Empire e-flex paintball mask is providing huge range of the colors and styles so choose the best one according to your personality. E-flex goggle system might allows the user for playing paintball effectively and comfortable. It could be the fantastic product from the empire. If you are choosing this paintball mask then you can get plenty of benefits. It is not only designed to ensure maximum concealment but also it is providing style and functionality which lasting for long time.

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