V-Force Grill Paintball Mask Review

V-Force Grill Paintball Mask Review

Primarily, the paintball is a game that could be enjoyed with the people of all creeds and ages. One of the major accessories to enjoy playing this game is masks, guns and outfits. The best selection and suitability of accessory is the V-Force grill paintball mask that allows individuals to play the paintball on their own style.

V-Force Grill Paintball Mask overview

Basically, the quality of products may different depend on the manufacturers. The V-Force grill paintball mask is one of the most recommended equipments for the paintball enthusiasts that guarantee both the enjoyment and safety while playing.

V-Force Grill Paintball Mask features

The V-Force Grill Paintball mask is definitely a unique product in which the users can attain the complete benefits while playing paintball. This mask has included the following amazing features that include:

  • Profile

This mask can be characterized by a tiny profile, which has a much comfortable fit. It is also very good for any size player, who is in any place. This mask is available in bulky shaped, so it can removes the possibility of fearing head shots.

  • Colors

The specialty of this paintball mask is now available in multiple colors that surely suit the various tastes of the users. The available colors include white, black, charcoal, logo white, blue on purple, logo charcoal, white on red, purple on blue, eagle eye gold, reverse olive, orange on blue, silver on red, silver on blue and white silver on blue and so on.

  • Lens system

This grill paintball mask has a latest V-Force lens system. It is advanced in both functionality and look for the finest performance during the game play. This lens system also allows for the simple removal and replacement of lenses, which could be done under 60 seconds.

  • Size

This mask normally measures about 11x9x10 inches and the sizes can facilitate the simple storage.


  • Weight

This mask weighs around only 3.5 ounces that make it easy to store and simple portable. Its lightweight can easily contributes to the top level of comfort.

  • Comfort

This V-Force mask is specifically designed and modeled in a great way. The person who wears this can experience much optimum comfort. It also allows the user to wear it for long durations. It is made up of soft composite plastic materials.


  • Best selection of colored thermal lenses
  • Tiny profile with a comfortable and close fit
  • Able to replace each part of the mask separately


  • The goggle foam has a moderately short span of life
  • Simply smashed lens that needs additional care to last long
  • Strap loses elasticity faster than the average mask


Overall, the V-Force Grill Paintball Mask is a great piece of mask to beat its competition, during the game play. It is very simple to use, low profile and also longevity of its pieces. This mask is relatively cheap as well as able to replace its parts more efficiently according to the player needs. By selecting this mask, you should feel comfortable and also protects you on the field.

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