Virtue VIO Extend Thermal Paintball Mask Review

Virtue VIO Extend Thermal Paintball Mask overview

Virtue VIO Extend Thermal Paintball Mask Review

Paintball is the exciting and enjoyable sport which is played by people across the world and choosing the finest paintball mask is important one. In this modern world, most of the people are willing to buy paintball mask which is manufactured by renowned virtue paintball brand. It is the most comfortable paintball mask because it is designed with the awesome features. In a modern world plenty of manufacturers are available to provide paintball mask but virtue VIO is the best place.

Virtue VIO Extend Thermal Paintball Mask features

Virtue vio extend paintball mask is equipped with the large lens and it is providing field of view. Excellent features are involved in paintball mask like

  • Lens frame- Lens frame is available in different kinds of colors that might act as the base color to the accent thousands of the different color configurations.
  • Face mask- Removable VIO face mask is designed of flexible elastomer so that you can get excellent protection.
  • View- This kind of the paintball mask is especially designed to offer user with larger view in battle field.
  • Weight- It is having lightweight like 2 pound so that you can wear this mask in comfortable way.


One of the main important benefits of wearing paintball mask is that protection. This mask is designed with the premium quality of materials of both hard plastics and foam. If you are buying this mask then you can get plenty of benefits which includes

  • Ventilate and breathe easier
  • Maximized facemask coverage
  • Awesome quality soft foam ear pads
  • Scratch proof lens finish and with added thermal lens

As everyone knows hinge lock clip is one of the fastest and easiest removal lens in the paintball. The soft foam ear pad might allow sound for passing through comfortable and soft protection so that it could not damage your ear. This kind of the ear pad is upgradable with the custom patterns. Huge numbers of reasons are there to choose this paintball mask such as hard scratch resistant coating, hundred percentage UV protection, advanced chromatic lenses, anti reflective coating, distortion of the free optical clarity and anti fog hydrophobic coating.


One of the main disadvantages of the vio extend paintball mask is that highest price and limited colors are only available. It is the branded mask so you must spend more money to buy this paintball mask.


This mask surely comes with the one year warranty so that it can protect your investment. When it comes to the fog resistance then you might not find better mask rather than virtue VIO paintball mask. It is designed to stay your mask fee from the fog during humid weather condition. It is very strong mask because it is made with the state of art materials. Once you wear this mask then you can easily communicate with your teammates without facing any kinds of troubles. If you are looking for the perfect paintball mask then you can choose virtue VIO mask.

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